“The stretching of facts and disingenuous hyperbole do nothing to hide the bitterness and poor sportsmanship at the core of the Bernie Bros Pro Trump stance.”

Which facts did I “stretch” and what was “disingenuous”? Also, I’m anti-Trump. Try reading what I wrote.

“…they’re trying to make you believe in some ways that Joe Biden is actually worse of a candidate than Donald Trump.”

He might be. Like I said, there’s no way to quantify it.

“I also see more pieces claiming these acts of vote shaming are happening then I see of the actual vote shaming itself.”

Spend a few minutes on Twitter.

“Bernie Sanders is going to vote for Joe Biden .Bernie Sanders realizes it’s more important to vote for Joe Biden then it is to vote for Donald Trump or not vote at all. Bernie Sanders completely gets it. Its his inconsistant supporters who apparently don’t . I don’t understand the disconnect.”

I’m a communist. I don’t give a fuck what Bernie Sanders does or thinks. Again, don’t assume things that weren’t stated.

“if you think that Senator Sanders is this brilliant genius who should be president and that he’s leaps and bounds above and ahead of every other candidate that was out there then why don’t you support him in his deeply held belief that Trump is a major threat to our democracy.”

What the fuck? Weird that you think that I think Sanders is a “brilliant genius” and that we have democracy, but okay.

“Bernie and the rest of us know that these two men couldn’t be more different in regards to their life experience and temperaments.”

“Bernie and the rest of us know that the idea that Joe Biden would totally abandon his responsibility to ready his country for a global pandemic in which he has been given a substantial amount of time to prepare is inconcivable .”

Beyond Biden’s four decades of being a corporate whore, the man doesn’t even know where he is half the time. He forgot Obama’s name, for Christ’s sake. Why would anyone expect him to be “responsible”?

“…spread out right lies…”

Biden lies constantly. As I previously wrote: But the issue that should cast the most doubt on these dubious claims is Biden’s vast history of lying. He has lied about teaching at the University of Pennsylvania, about his support for the Iraq War, about his role in silencing Anita Hill, about allegedly being arrested in South Africa, about his ties to the fossil fuel industry, and has lied extensively about his involvement in the civil rights movement. Joe Biden’s 1988 presidential campaign was even derailed by a plagiarism scandal. How can we trust that this man will reverse a lifetime of conservative policy decisions when we can’t even believe a single sentence that falls from his lips?

“…die-hard lefties and progressives now have nothing but blanket criticisms for the Obama administration the rest of us who lived through it have wonderful memories of a man and administration that tried to make as many substantial changes as they could to A system that is entrenched in the old ways of doing things and with a Senate majority leader vowing to make sure that nothing that the administration wanted would pass.”

As I previously wrote, here are some of the seldom discussed outcomes of former President Barack Obama’s policies:

“Donald Trump and the Republicans are great at three word phrases that totally encapsulate their feelings on any number of issues “lock her up” being their most famous.”

Clinton should be locked up for her extensive war crimes, including her complicity in in destroying Libya by bombing civilians, arming terrorists, eventually turning one of the most prosperous countries in Africa (with one of the highest standards of living) into a failed state overrun by jihadist who brought slavery back. She was also complicit in the drone assassination program, the invasion of Iraq, and the military coup in Honduras. Sometimes I wonder what liberals would be like if they actually knew about U.S. foreign policy…

“I want a president that will atleast reset the country back to the day of the white Trash in chief was sworn into office.”

Nice classist slur. Anyway, the U.S. is a shithole country founded on colonialism, genocide, slavery, and white supremacy. It’s not worth salvaging.

“…that the Obama administration had put into place for DACA recipients…”

That was awfully nice of the guy who deported more immigrants than any other president, often to their deaths.

“And please put back the dignity and honor the office of POTUS has had…”

“…maybe it’s because you have unknowingly by process of elimination picked the other side.”

What’s the point of education when Americans turn out so delusional and indoctrinated. You know there are more than two political parties, right? Let’s start with that. False dichotomies are a real problem in American discourse, so start slow. And now I’m going to tell you something you might not be ready for. There are dozens of specific political tendencies outside the mainstream political spectrum. Just on the left (and, again, this doesn’t count liberals, who are right of center) there are anarchists, Marxist-Leninists, Maoists, anarcho-communists, pan-leftists, and democratic socialists, just to name a few. Please stop with the conventional narrative that everything has two, and only two, sides. I’m embarrassed for you.

Final thoughts: Trump and Biden are almost identical. As a liberal, you have far more in common with Trump than you do with progressives. Not sure if you’re attempting to “voter shame” (which would be ironic) by suggesting I’m somehow pro-Trump, but whatever your point was, it didn’t make me any more likely to vote for that racist sexual predator Joe Biden.

Socialist. Herbivore. Husband. I usually write about politics, current events, and history. My work has also been published by The Hampton Institute.

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