I have also noticed that liberals often don’t know or care about the situation in Palestine, and this needs to change. I have learned about the Israeli occupation in the past, probably due to the leftist news sources I usually read and watch, such as Democracy Now, Jacobin, The Nation, In These Times, etc. (Leftist activists and organizations, such as DSA, actually do care about the Palestinian cause.) I have even gotten into arguments with friends and family members over the years (in real life and online), and wrote one response here (responding to an ignorant video on social media). I believe the situation will change (hopefully sooner than later), not only because the arc of the moral universe bends toward justice, but also because I’m noticing more activism from prominent organizations like Jewish Voice for Peace and the BDS movement in general. Then we’ll see who was on the wrong side of history, just like we did with South Africa. Don’t give up hope, and keep speaking out!

Socialist. Herbivore. Husband. I usually write about politics, current events, and history. My work has also been published by The Hampton Institute.

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